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Move Out Process

Give adequate notice. You must give a 30 day written notice on your intentions to move out. To give notice, open your online portal and click on Contact Us. Click on Request Notice to Vacate and fill out completely. Click Submit.

Rent Depot will confirm your Move Out request with a text or email.

Clear away all personal items, including unwanted items, from the property by the designated move out day.

Remove all trash. Trash left on the curb will result in a deduction from the deposit.

Personal furnishings and belongings inside and outside the property must be removed.

Replace burnt out light bulbs, mini blinds, thermostat batteries, furnace filter, and smoke detector batteries as needed.

Clean unit and appliances. Mow grass if living in a home.

Lock all windows and doors before leaving the property.

Pay all utility bills up until the move out date.

Text or call Rent Depot for key return instructions.

Return all keys, including mail and gate keys.

We will send a deposit letter and/or check 30-45 days of keys being returned and Rent Depot taking possession.